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The dry clay before your bath.

Click on image to enlarge.This photo shows the residue from a clay bath.
The bath was over 2 cups of clay and is very light color when we begin. The residue reflects the "toxins" being removed from the "pulling process through the skin or pores" into the clay. We have not found any other clay with this exceptional "pull" in drawing out the toxins!

Click on image to enlarge.

If your tub bath residue is not dark you may need chelating products such as Bio-Chelat, HMD, or other ones on the market, along with the clay baths.

This photo shows the residue from a Foot Bath

This photo was shared with us by a client sending in the photo. She used 1/2 cup of Dental/Mercury Detox Clay for 40 minutes in a foot bath and used 6 drops of Bio-Chelat 3 times a day. D. Johnson - WA


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