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We look for products that are liquid or highly assimilated and absorbed into the body (metals and chemicals BLOCK the assimilation of all nutrients)

Remember: In all chronic & serious conditions, check with your doctor or professional.

**Please Note: We have discontinued carrying these products.
For information regarding where to purchase Lumina products,
go to www.luminahealth.com.

CELLFOOD is a 1 ounce bottle that makes 22 quarts and has the 129 ingredients in it. It is a cell-oxygenating ionic formula that contains hydrogen and dissolved oxygen, 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids and electrolytes.  It is made from only the finest all-natural plant substances, and is rapidly ABSORBED by every cell in the body. Remember, metals and chemicals BLOCK the absorption of all nutrients in the body, so these products, by Lumina Health, by-passes the digestive system which is so compromised by metals and chemicals and gets the nutrients directly into cells.  CELLFOOD contains enhanced oxygen, 72 trace minerals,  35 metabolic enzymes,  17 amino acids and electrolytes, plus helps to balance the pH ---all in one little bottle!!  In heavy toxic conditions, go slow in the beginning and gradually work up to the “amount suggested on the bottle”. We suggest putting in your drinking water on a daily basis. CELLFOOD oxygenates the cells and detoxifies.

                                                 [ 1 oz.bottle is $24.95 Retail]


Liquid SILICA – by Lumina Products is highly suggested to use with the Magnetic ALUMINUM Detox Bath  Detox  Bath as silica is an antidote to aluminum.  This product is liquid and again, highly assimilated, to absorb its nutrients into the body.  The clay bath and liquid silica together will enhance greater progress in assisting the aluminum to clear out of the body.

We have learned that when there is aluminum in the body, the antidote is silica! When there is enough ASSIMILATED silica in the body, there is no aluminum! We have found a liquid, highly assimilated silica. We suggest using this product along with our Aluminum Detox Baths for greater effectiveness. Again, start slow and then proceed gradually (over several weeks) to the amount stated on the bottle. The body usually adjusts better gradually, then a "jolt" of a dose that is too much for it! To purchase Liquid Silica by Lumina Health Products (cellular assimilated), call 1-877-691-4698. In any chronic or acute condition, please consult your doctor or professional therapist.

                                                4 oz. Bottle is $29.95 Retail (1 -2 month supply)


*We are always seeking new high-quality products to carry for our customers, and are always open to new recommendations.

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