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Radiation Detox Clay Bath Kit - 5lb

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Magnetic Clay bath kits are packaged in bulk and will administer 10 one cup baths per kit. Included in each kit are 5lbs of bulk formula, 8 pages of graphic step-by-step instructions, 15 pH testing strips, fiberglass drain screen, flat drain stopper, and herbal formula pack.

Download Clay Bath Instructional Guide

This Clay Bath Assists in Eliminating

All types of radiation and radioactive residues

Sources of Radiation

Computers, microwaves, cell phones, most electronics, industrial pollution, nuclear plants, x-rays, chemotherapy, irradiated foods, nuclear warfare, military grade weapons (depleted uranium shells, etc…). This silent killer is present everywhere and we are exposed daily to it in our technical world and in our atmosphere.

Related Symptoms of Radiation Toxicity

Anxiety, hysteria, insatiable hunger, dizziness and vertigo, rheumatic pains, hearing problems, complete exhaustion, extreme tiredness, mood swings, hot and cold flashes, gastric distress, migraine headaches, memory loss, flu like symptoms, nausea, suppressed immune system, low red and white blood cell counts, infertility, and more.