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By Lau'ana Lei

We have had such good reports about our Smoker's/Drug Bath we thought we would share with you some results of this specialized clay, herb and spice formula for detoxing poisonous chemicals and metals through clay baths and packs. Our intention was to just remove some of the toxic chemicals as we have heard this is a very difficult habit to eliminate. We have been pleasantly surprised to find out that the baths are actually a valuable and easy "tool" to stop the habit! It seems that when the toxic debris is removed from the body, the body "shifts" enough so that the "taste buds" change and clients tell us, "They do not like the taste of cigarettes any more."

A women from Florida called us after using our Smoker’s Detox Bath Kit. She was very excited. She said she had only done several FOOT baths with the Smoker's/Drug baths at a health spa in Mexico and could hardly believe the results. She quit smoking with just a few foot baths after smoking for 31 years! She wanted to know when the next training session was so she could come and learn everything she could and "work" with helping others to stop smoking!

From Chad: "Well you know I am a smoker ...uggh bad disease. Well anyway, I get these nicotine stains on my right pointer finger from holding the -----cigarette. Usually when it gets build up and looks real ugly, I spend like 10 minutes using uncut chlorine bleach and rub like ....to get the stains off. It never really works and never gets to the surface."

"But to my amazement after the shower, (after taking) the clay bath, it had taken all the nicotine stains off my finger! This is real amazing, believe me, for I have even tried gasoline and solvents to remove it to no avail......my skin feels light somehow and unclogged."

Staff at Magnetic Clay Baths: My son took the Smoker's/Drug bath and after one month called and said --"Mom, you probably would like to know that I quit smoking!"

From Karen H. Of NC: I took the bath to rid myself of the toxins that I learned were building in my body as a result of smoking. The day that I clean out, I smoked only one...cigarette. .....I have not had another cigarette since that day. I broke a smoking habit that I have had on and off for 20 years in 1 day! I have shared this information with everyone!

SMOKER'S/DRUG Detox Ingredients!

Magnetic Clay Baths Smoker's/Drug Detox bath kit has specific herbs and spices to remove toxins associated with tobacco, smoking and the use of drugs. This unique bath has a very special clay and the following ingredients:

  • A natural ingredient to bring the body into vibrational balance and to help reduce negative energy.
  • An herb to help remove BENZOPYRENE derived from cigarettes and has been known to cause carcinogenic vibrations/energies.
  • An herb to help remove the chemical NITROSAMINE residue caused from smoking. It also helps remove the carcinogenic food preservative, BHA.
  • A spice to help remove CADMIUM from smoke and residue from cigarettes. Cadmium is also found in the air we breathe. This metal has been known to cause carcinogenic vibrations.
  • A spice used to eliminate the energy imbalances caused from cigarette smoking and replaces a soothing effect on all membranes. It is also known to be beneficial to the eyes and brain as well as assisting with indigestion and gas.
  • A spice with helps eliminate the risk of the imbalances of lead, lead poisoning, arsenic and aluminum poisoning --also found in many cigarettes.
  • An herb with helps eliminate the energies of arsenic of lead, cancer toxins from inorganic chemical residues, including caffeine and nicotine.
  • A spice which helps with removal of smoke (both in the body and outside). It is also used to help remove industrial chemicals, residues of cola, chocolate, and caffeine.
  • A spice which reduces lead poisoning in tobacco.
  • A spice which stimulates the nervous system and is good for circulation and depression
  • A spice for nervous exhaustion and mental fatigue.

Cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemicals and many of them cause cancer. When someone smokes a cigarette, they breathe in: TAR, NICOTINE, CABON MONOXIDE, HYDROGEN CYANIDE, metals of NICKEL, ARSENIC, CADMIUM, and RADIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS and PRESTICIDES, according to the Smoking and Health Program, Health Promotions Services of the Health Department of Western Australia. Even after one stops smoking, the residue of the chemicals stays in the body for years, unless specific detoxification programs are completed.

See our article entitled, SAVE THE SMOKER.

Stop smoking the easy way. Try Magnetic Clay Baths -- Smoker's/Drug Detox Formula call 1-877-690-4698 or the Distributor nearest you!

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