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We have some good news for smokers! We all know that smoking is not healthy, but now there's a quick and easy way to rid the body of many of those toxic chemicals, from tobacco, smoke, and drugs, by taking a simple bath! Pretty great, huh? Soak in a warm clay bath mixed with spices and herbs for twenty minutes and presto! Like a magnet, the nasty chemical toxins, are drawn out of the body into the bathtub! See the results for yourself. You may be shocked like the author was when she took her first toxic removal bath!

We don't use "just any kind" of clay. We've researched for the best possible clay, a special one that has a magnetic pulling effect. Michel Abehera, author of Amazing Cures from the Earth Itself - - the Healing Clay, says that, "Clay has been used for thousands of years, and yet no one has been able to pin down what makes it a healer." Most users, he notes, seem content with amazing results, but various researchers offer differing perspectives on how the clay works.

Raymond Dextreit, the French naturopath who popularized the clay cure in his own country, believes Bentonite's (clay) powers transcend its purely physical properties. "From a thermodynamic point of view," he writes, "…clay cannot be the sole source of energy of the phenomena it produces. Clay is…a dynamic presence…a catalyst rather than an agent itself. This is possible because clay is alive."

Most of the poisons in the body, Dextreit notes, are positively charged, whereas clay has a negative electrical attraction. Thus, he writes, "These toxins cannot resist being drawn toward the clay."

Robert T. Martin, a mineralogist at MIT, points to Bentonite's minute particles, which create a large surface area in proportion to the volume used. "The greater the surface area, he says, "the greater its power to pick up positively charged particles or toxins."

In researching clay for removal of toxic chemicals in the body, it was found that certain clays seem to be specially “charged” and result in a quick, inexpensive and a method that could remove the toxins in the comfort of one's own home! Not only is the right amount of clay important, but a certain time element of staying in the clay bath also seems a factor in the detoxifying process. Added to this unique clay, are specific herbs and spices which are known to remove toxic chemicals, smoke residues, metals, etc., found in cigarettes, tobacco, and drug related use. What a deal, in one clay bath!

The Toxicity of Smoking!

We know that smoking is a real tough habit to "kick". We are hoping that reading this article will at least give you the desire to rid the chemical toxins out of your body in a quick and easy way…for your own health's sake! We'll remind you of the bad news along with giving you the good news! It is a proven fact that smoking is deadly. You, the smoker, know already the risks of smoking yet continue to smoke. We hope you'll make an extra effort for your own well-being to read this article to the finish! Cigarettes are a factor in 17.2 percent of all deaths in the United States each year. Eighty-five percent of lung cancer is smoking related, and eight-five percent of deaths of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a direct result of smoking. The American Lung Association reports that 350,000 Americans die every year from smoking.

Not only is smoke harmful to you, the smoker, but it has been proven that second-hand tobacco smoke is very toxic. Second-hand smoke and its toxic chemicals have been linked to live-threatening diseases. It has been estimated to play a role in over 50,000 annual deaths nationwide. The ingredients that make up a cigarette should be an immediate signal that the habit is dangerous. Along with traces of certain gases with unknown effects, tobacco smoke contains nicotine, carbon monoxide, carcinogens (including polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons and hexavelant chromium), cadmium, lead, nickel, arsenic, tar, hydrogen cyanide, radioactive compounds, pesticides, and irritant substances.

Large Doses Of Nicotine Act As A Depressant!

Although nicotine is a stimulant, in large doses, it acts as a depressant. Nicotine makes the heart pump faster and work harder, increasing the likelihood of heart disease. Most smokers claim that smoking relaxes them; nicotine actually causes palpitations and a generalized feeling of anxiety. In addition, it has been indicated that nicotine works much like heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. In fact, when nicotine was intravenously administered to volunteers, many of them could not tell the difference between the effects of nicotine and cocaine. Nicotine produces pleasurable sensations and physical dependency because it operates through the central nervous system.

Carbon monoxide, when combined with the body's hemoglobin, presents oxygen from being transported throughout the body. Carbon monoxide also allows for the development of cholesterol deposits on artery walls. These two factors increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Carbon monoxide is also found in studies to be a factor in anemia, angina, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, headaches, memory loss and respiratory disorders.

Hydrogen cyanide, a poisonous chemical contained within the smoke, causes bronchitis by inflaming the lining of the bronchi. Hydrogen cyanide is the poison used in gas chambers during the war. It is also in cigarettes. When it damages the tiny hairs in the lung, which act as part of the cleaning mechanism in humans, it results in toxic substances building up in the lungs. Cadmium (contained in cigarettes) has been related to hair loss, anemia, headaches, immune disorders, kidney and liver damage, low blood pressure and dry skin. Hexavelant chromium in tobacco, also is toxic and been found to be carcinogenic (cancer-producing) and related to many gastro-intestinal disorders.

Of course, we know how toxic lead is. According to an article written by Herbert Needleman, published in the 1996 Journal of the American Medical Association Research, the toxic metal of lead is "associated with aggressive behavior, delinquency, and attention disorders in boys between the ages of 7 and 11. The IQ levels are lowered by low levels of lead. Lead has been found to be related to anemia, cramps, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, and general weakness of the body. Arsenic, used in white ant poison is also in cigarette tobacco.

Michael Castleman, managing editor of Medical Self Care magazine and the author of two excellent articles reviewing research with cigarette smoke found radioactive compounds in cigarettes. A sixteen-year scientific report stated: "Cigarettes are radioactive." Steven R. Schechter, N.D., author of Fighting Radiation with Foods, Herbs & Vitamins, states some startling news; that the pack-a-day smoker is exposed to radiation in the amount estimated to be equal to approximately 300 chest x-rays per year!

Tar is a black, sticky substance that contains many poisonous chemicals. Tar is the main cause of throat and lung cancer. Tar also causes the yellowish brown stains on smoker's fingers, teeth and lung tissue and on the ceiling in rooms where people smoke heavily.

There are many formula bath kits for detoxification. Check the formulas under product information. By taking ONE BATH, years of accumulated toxic chemicals and metals are removed and you can see the results yourself! The clay turns from a light gray color to dark brown or black color and in some cases black sticky tar-like substances are found at the bottom of the tub instead of clay! For a free product information sheet or for more information, call 1-800-257-3315. Don't delay another day. You owe it to yourself to feel better and live longer.

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