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Compiled by Lau'ana Lei

Dangers & Symptoms of Radiation

With radiation exposure, one of the dangerous byproducts of nuclear explosion is strontium 90. Symptoms of radiation are insomnia, fatigue or complete exhaustion, anxiety and depression, as well as muscular pain, gas, indigestion and gastric distress, irritable bowels, achy joint and "flu-like" symptoms. Other symptoms of radiation poisoning are sore throat, extreme headaches, a feeling of unreality, hysteria, insatiable hunger, dizziness and vertigo, hearing problems, mood swings, and loss of will power. In advance stages, radiation poisoning creates vomiting.

Sources of Radiation

Everyone can use this bath as the sources of exposure include computers, cellular phones, micro-wave ovens (especially strong), radiation therapy for cancer, electric blankets, smoke from cigarettes, exposure to nuclear radiation from the atmosphere (everyone), x-rays, industrial pollution, televisions, airplane flights, solar flares, and living near a nuclear plant causes exposure to those that are very sensitive are just a few of the sources of radiation.

Micro-wave ovens are banned in the Soviet Union since 1976 because of their dangers. Radiation from the micro-wave ovens changes the molecular structure of food with radiation. Micro-wave ovens are really "radiation ovens" and eliminate the nutrition from food. It is eating "dead" food! Next time you go to a restaurant (especially fast-food restaurants) why not check to see if they are micro-waving (radiating) your food!

Herbal/Spice Formula

The formula of natural ingredients in the Radiation Detox includes:

*** an herb to neutralize radiation (a natural source of iodine), helps prevent the absorption of strontium 90 (a dangerous byproduct of nuclear explosions by as much as 83%, relieves insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and depression, relieves muscular pain, gas, indigestion, and helps with irritable bowels. Helps balance the thyroid (a gland affected by radiation)

*** an herb that is antibacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-septic in nature.

*** an herb for aching joints and nervous upsets as well as helpful for the symptoms of radiation poisoning of flu-like and cold symptoms.

*** an ingredient to assist in "balancing the energies".

** * an herb/spice known to "comfort the brain".

*** activated charcoal which is known to assist in neutralizing toxic poisons and gases in the body and for use in radiation exposure. (9/05)

Magnetic Clay Baths for Radiation -

(Add seaweed & miso to the Diet - added protection)!

Radiations Harmful Effects

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