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LL Magnetic Clay is now Enviromedica! Though our name has changed, our dedication to providing naturally-sourced supportive therapies has not. As Enviromedica, our mission is to further the principles of evolutionary medicine, supporting functional wellness by correcting for contemporary factors that interfere with our natural ability to maintain vitality. Enviromedica encompasses the full range of LL Magnetic Clay products, including Magnetic Clay Baths, Ancient Minerals topical magnesium, and Prescript-Assist prebiotic & probiotic. Learn More >


Prescript-Assist® is a next-generation, clinically proven probiotic supplement that helps restore balance to the GI tract.

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ancient minerals  

Drawn from deep beneath the earth in Northern Europe, Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil offers concentrated ultra pure magnesium salts along with other trace minerals for topical use. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil breathes life giving magnesium ions into the cells, purifying tissues and bringing overall health. Ancient Minerals is also available in a gelled form and as evaporated bath flakes.


Traditionally, the importance of iodine to the biological function of the body was focused on iodine’s role in the nourishment of the thyroid gland, particularly for the production of T3 and T4 hormones and the regulation of metabolism. However, as the understanding of this nutrient has progressed, we come to understand that the role of iodine in the body far surpasses what most thought, and is not only necessary for overall health, but a crucial component of the detoxification process.