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Advance preparation will ensure that your clay pack application goes smoothly and that you will be relaxed. Set aside a block of time so that you will enjoy the experience and not be rushed. Try to avoid aluminum or tin implements.


  • Clay Detox Bath Formula of your choice
  • A timer or clock; rubber or vinyl gloves
  • A dust mask; a whisk for mixing
  • A large glass or ceramic bowl
  • Hot wet towels and dry towels; plastic wrap.


Clay packs may be used instead of tub baths for those who have a heart condition, high blood pressure, taking prescription medicine or other health condition. Always consult with your doctor if you are on medication, have a chronic condition or have a special health concern. Also, if you are elderly, or extremely toxic, weak or ill, you may wish to use less clay or keep the pack on for a shorter amount of time. Always check with a doctor in any questionable situation. These special clay packs remove toxins along with some minerals/vitamins and electrolytes. If you are in a depleted condition, please replenish before and after having a clay pack. This clay is not for internal use.


Some normal symptoms from toxic elimination are nausea, light-headedness, headaches and dizziness, a pulling sensation from parts of the body and fatigue. If these occur during the clay pack, stop and remove the pack. Use less clay and take less time for your next pack.

The occurrence of the above symptoms means that the toxins are moving too fast. Just go slower. Activated charcoal is recommended for neutralizing toxins. Also, Rescue Remedy, a natural flower essence useful in any type of emergency, can be found in most health stores. 

Ginger and peppermint teas may be purchased separately and are known to improve strength and energy and help digestion. You might take some in hot water following the pack and keep drinking the tea until the packet is empty. Ginger tea should NOT be taken by anyone on blood thinner medication.

Remember: In all chronic & serious conditions, check with your doctor or professional. Always go slow at first & gradually increase the amount of clay in the bath over time.


The recipe is 2 cups of clay formula to approximately 6 cups of hot water - hot water will help speed the blending process and swelling of the clay. These proportions make a moist and pliable clay that is easy to work with.

It is advised that you wear a dust mask to avoid breathing in the fine clay dust. Try to avoid using too much at once as the clay dust will get into the air and the mixture will start clumping.

The suggested amount of time for keeping the pack on is from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. In some cases, they may also be left on overnight.

Magnetic Clay packs should be 1 to 3 inches thick. The thicker the pack, the deeper the penetration and the greater the drawing power.

Packs may be applied on all parts of the body
(for questions on head pack procedures, please contact us as they are understandably a little more difficult). Try to keep in mind that thicker packs will require you to be relatively immobile for the duration, as they can be quite heavy.

We have a DVD available showing the various applications of the clay as well, if you wish.
Click here to order.

To make the pack, place the hot water in a large bowl and very gradually whisk in the clay mixture (make sure that botanical packet has been added prior to this). Whisk until everything is well-blended and you have achieved the proper consistency. You may end up switching to something other than a whisk once the consistency begins to thicken and stirring becomes more difficult.

Apply the warm clay to the skin. Cover the clay with plastic wrap to help keep it in place and hold moisture in the clay - then cover with hot wet towels. Add a layer of dry towels to keep the area warm (or a heating pad may be used). Using an infrared heating device such as a lamp or blanket is another option, although most will have limited access to these devices.

Set the timer for the desired time, or watch the clock. Re-wet the towels in hot water every 5 to 10 minutes if the area of application permits, or if you have someone available to assist you.

When finished, put on gloves, remove the clay and put it in a garbage bag.

Wash off the area and moisturize the skin. Dress warmly until the pores close. Drink plenty of water, minerals, juices and teas to boost your energy, improve your digestion, and aid residual toxins in your active system in being flushed from the body.


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