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Child's Weight (in Lbs.) Clay Formula in Cups Time in Tub in Minutes
20 lbs. * 1/4 cup 3 minutes
20-25 1/4 to 1/3 up to 4
26-33 1/3 up to 4
34-39 1/3 up to 5-6
40-45 1/3 up to 8
46-50 1/3 up to 9
51-55 1/3 up to 10
56-60 1/2 up to 6
61-65 1/2 up to 7
66-75 1/2 up to 8-9
76-85 3/4 up to 7-8
86-100 3/4 to 1 cup up to 6
* Below 20 lbs — clay packs may be done.

If the child is compromised with health conditions, please go slowly! A bath just going up to the waist (instead of covering the whole body) would be more appropriate. The more body exposure to the "clay water", the stronger the process is going to be.

Research on our clay baths is ongoing for children and needs to be done with caution. In cases of children with serious and/or chronic conditions, please consult your doctor or professional. Even though we have great success with these bath formulas, this clay is powerful and one needs to go slowly with small children and GRADUALLY work up to more clay OR more time in the tub.

If the child has a lot of ALLERGIES, then use the clay ALONE without the herbs and spices mixed into it!

Children under 1 year, we have done clay packs covered with saran wrap for 5 to 15 minutes.

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