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LL's MAGNETIC CLAYS are the most effective, all natural, inexpensive way to assist in pulling toxic metals and chemicals out of the body. It utilizes the Earth's natural healing properties; saves hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars; and can be done in your own home. These synergistically tested formulas assist greatly in the removal of these poisonous toxins by using these unique clay/spice/herb bath detox formulas. These clay baths are safe and effective in releasing metals such as mercury, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, environmental toxins, chemicals, radiation, lead, etc. when used as directed. Metals and chemicals BLOCK the ABSORPTION of food and supplements, is an underlying causative factor in digestive problems, parasites, leaky-gut syndrome, allergies, depression, memory problems, etc. which then presents a 'body pollution' environment for all kinds of viruses and bacteria to enter in relating to a myriad of diseases.

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